Big Idea Empowering Network

16 Jun

Big Idea Empowering Network is a BigIdeaMastermind
Movement in conjunction with Empower Network.
This is a Movement as Vick Strizheus
The Internet Mogul calls it.



Hi! My Name is Alleck,

I’m the  the founder of  Online Marketing Strategies Guide and Empowering Network which is a member of Empower Network MLM marketing System.

Before merging with Empower Network through Vick Strizheus of BigIdeaMastermind, I never believed in MLM stuff before but as set down and took notice of the massive income that that is generated so easy with on a powerful funnel that is already in place and is attracting loads of leads,  it blew mind.

What I discovered in this internet business is that, there is endless opportunities that will never run dry anytime soon. Some opportunities are easy and fast to implement and at the same time have huge profit with very less work to do.

But you need to be very careful especial when you are starting on this industry,  many new marketers end up chasing every shiny object from aggressive marketers out there..resulting disappointment and losing of money. Unfortunately this is the black hole of internet universe

Before I get into exactly what you need to do to fix all these problems, you need to think about this. . .

“Why Has This Not Worked For You Yet?”

Do you honestly know why you are not making the money you desire online yet? Do you know why you have spent so much time and money on all these product and yet still it has not produced you any results?

Did you know that it is very possible to be making profits from day 1 working online?

Working hard will not get you to where you want to be. Unless you luck out or have some Masters degree in coding, you are not going to be making the next 6-figure business online.

I hate to sounds harsh, but working hard is actually one of the worst things you can do. Many of the people I know that make loads of cash online, have systems in place where they barely have to work at all.
That is one of the keys to all of this; you need to have a system that works for you.

You need to have the right plan of action. Something that will earn you cash right away. It is not about working your ass off and then wanting to pull your hair out because you are so frustrated with all of this.

Think of it, very few internet businesses courses will bring result within three months, even the simplest internet program will at list start showing results after three months or more if you were lucky, normally it take approximately three years to start making money online.

If you are not disciplined enough in this industry, you will find yourself following every shiny object  flashing everywhere in the internet,  all promising push of a button wealthy, that is the recipe for disaster.

Imagine if one product needing your full attention for at least 3 months, and you have already 4 in hand, that means you have one year of courses. Believe me it’s not easy to do one course until you master it without jumping into the next one before even seeing the first result,  without realizing, three years have passed and you have lost a lot of money buying one course to another from every Guru out there, what makes matters worst is that you will be overloaded with information and confused.

Then, when you are on that state, even when a genuine product come that come in your way,it becomes difficulty to put trust on it, because your subconscious will be retire.

You need direction, not a crappy ebook.

You need someone who has been there and experienced the bumps and bruises of a harsh Internet Marketing world to slap you around a little and get your butt moving in the right direction.

The GUARANTEED FASTEST way to make money online  is to get a MENTOR , and stick with one program first until you see the results, then move forward, but believe me it’s not easy to stick with one program, that is why having a Mentor and high level of discipline is critical for your guaranteed success,,

Every successful entrepreneur or sports person has a mentor on his side for a reason. I know it sound wired, Tiger Woods, Mohamed Ali, David Beckham, William sisters, the list goes on and on,  all these people have mentors on their sides. This is crucial for any successful business.

Every successful internet entrepreneur or Guru had  at one point a mentor on his side,  I can’t stress this enough how much important this is. If you have tried to make money and failed,  consider getting a MENTOR WITH A VERY GOOD PRODUCT  THAT PAYS 100% COMMISSIONS.

“Now Let Me Tell You A Little Secret…”

You will NEVER make money online alone.

You will NEVER be able to quit your job by purchasing some magical WSO that looks like the next millionaire maker.

The Internet is a massive place, you need to be pointed in the right direction or you will be lost beyond belief. Not to mention wasting more of your precious time and money.

This is where empower network comes in, they have a complete 100% commission hands down blogging system with a high converting front end flannel. Empower Network  marketing system has turned average people into millionaires in a very short time.

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