21 Feb

Riches with Rentals is a dedicated to people thinking of investing in the simple lucrative world of properties and becoming business entrepreneur.
Lest face it, every riches person in the world will want to buy land or own vast properties everywhere.
That will be let for rentals. That where money is made.

Veitengruber Law

keysPhoto courtesy of Keith Williamson

Every day, Veitengruber Law meets with clients who are struggling to make ends meet. If you’re finding yourself in over your head, or if you’re managing to barely tread water, we’ve got some ideas that may be just what you need.

Most people who are struggling financially name their rent or mortgage payment as their most cumbersome bill. Homeowners fall behind on mortgage payments all the time, especially in recent years, as the job market has been unpredictable.

If you are struggling to keep the keys to your beloved residence and honestly don’t know where to turn, we want to talk to you about the New Jersey HomeKeeper Program. This amazing organization receives its funding through a federal grant from the U.S. Treasury’s ‘Hardest Hit’ Fund, which has been helping those states that have the highest unemployment rates. If you’re in danger of losing your New Jersey home to foreclosure because you…

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