10 Feb

How you can really be “passive” landlord — profiting without doing any back-breaking work, taking any late-night phone calls, or dealing with any nightmare tenants.

Vancouver Condo Rentals

 Alberta, Canada – Evelina Mannarino proudly announces the release of her newest book, Profits in Real Estate Rentals.

ImageProfits in Real Estate Rentals will teach its readers that they can start earning money today, without even owning real estate already! For those that already own property, Profits in Real Estate Rentals details how it is possible to double rental income on existing properties. This new release shows that it is easy to make extra income without even leaving the house. Whether starting a vacation rental business or renting a couch out, it is possible to make an income from real estate!

While perusing Profits in Real Estate Rentals, readers will learn how anyone can get started in investing in real estate, without owning any properties to start. They will learn that a new niche market is erupting with short term or vacation rentals, and Profits in Real Estate Rentals will…

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