10 Feb

How you can really be “passive” landlord — profiting without doing any back-breaking work, taking any late-night phone calls, or dealing with any nightmare tenants.

The Life of a Landlord

I posted the other day about the tenant who asked for the favor of just letting her slide on rent so she could deal with other costs that have come up. Because she’s already lied to me multiple times, I denied it – but apparently that didn’t phase her. As of today her rent has been deducted from our account because she PUT A STOP PAYMENT ON THE CHECK. Why ask then?!

And instead of her late payment and replacement water fee she was billed for, we got this lovely note instead (printed from her Yahoo email – classy):

To whom it may concern at [company name] I spoke to someone from the housing court concerning the water and sewage and they stated that yes we agreed to pay the water and sewage bill but on that note we are supposed to get a actual bill not something that you…

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